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Your priorities
Dictate everything you do,
Everyone you see.

Your priorities
Reveal what matters to you,
They don't include me.
When it feels like you're not part of someone's priorities, especially when it's someone you're really close with, it really hurts. Even if I am a part of them, right now it feels like I'm not.
I'm sitting here, just sitting and thinking,
Trying to make sense of what just happened.
I think I'm still in shock, head still reeling
From all the sentences we both fashioned.
All those emotions still course through my veins,
Circulating round and round my body.
They run freely, reason has dropped the reins.
Preying on the fears that I embody,
They lay siege to my soul and to my heart.
All I once had faith in lies in ruins,
My own mind tearing me and you apart.

I bend down and pick up each little piece.
"Grab some glue, fix the puzzle, find your peace."
Break It Apart, Piece It Together
Sometimes you have to break something, tear it all the way down, before you can fix it and piece it all back together.
It's hard not to notice what's going on,
especially when I see it first hand.
It's hard not to fear that you will be gone,
that after a year we will just disband.
I am a worrier, its what I do,
Even though I know that things are still good.
My brain will take the fear and follow through,
Playing out the fantasy, the "what could".
It is clear to me that there is no threat,
obviously this is all in my head.
I know I just need to breathe and not fret,
to just clear my mind when I lay in bed.

It will all be okay, it will work out,
there is no need to carry all this doubt.
Life is never consistent, never still.
Always moving, always changing... different.
Change can either be warm or full of chill...
Regardless, it will still be apparent.
One moment is all that is required
For "what is" to suddenly be "what was".
My mind becomes weary, it is growing tired
Of trying to keep up with what change does.
That moment of inflection can't be found,
The point in time when he became distant.
Everything we once had has now unwound,
"Give in to the end, don't be resistant".

How can I let them succeed, let them win?
I can't surrender yet... I still love him.
Well its been literally forever, I haven't been very active lately. But that's mostly because I've been more active in real life :) yay for that! lol I'm still really happy, and a majority of that is still because of Mitch. He is literally my favorite person ever, no contest. I have fallen down the steepest mountain side for this boy (aka this means I've fallen in love), and have so since May. Life is good, school is school, and I'm just happy to be where I am :) yay life :)


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Shanley Roach
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I love music, poetry, and theatre. I'm pretty nerdy, what can I say? :P

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Thank you for the favorite, I'm glad it caught your attention. :) I haven't been getting a whole lot of feedback, even on some of what I think are the better pieces. It's good to know I still have people who reach out and pay attention to my work. Your support means a lot. :hug:

How have you been by the way?
BeAnIndividual Featured By Owner May 5, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
You're welcome :)

These last 5 days have sucked so much, and I've tried writing about it but I am even too hurt and sad to write and nothing comes out right. Nothing can make me feel better, I have barely been able to eat because I always just feel nauseous and not in the mood. And I don't know how I am going to prepare for what will happen tomorrow, because it is going to hurt me so much. But other than that whole mess, just finals for spring semester!
msimoneaux20 Featured By Owner May 7, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
I was a day late replying to this, but I hope whatever happened "tomorrow" went for the best. It seems like you have had a lot on your plate. I think we all get in those moods sometimes. If you need to get something off your plate, send me a note and I'll try to help as best as I can.

I hope things are much better by the time you read this. And good luck on your upcoming finals! :)
kiwiootori Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2014  Student Writer
Thanks for all the faves! It means a lot to me!
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No problem, keep up the great work! :)
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