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I am holding it all inside of me,
So much has happened in this short time.
Try to keep my grip so it won't break free,
Pretending that everything is just fine.

I am used to knowing I'm the good one,
That I am the one who helps them grow.
Not this time though, I have been outdone,
And there is no going back now that I know.

I don't want to admit it all,
But the feelings, the words, are welling up.
For every single part of you, I started to fall.
I started to fall and it wont let up.

Every side of you is special, unique,
You are not like others in the best ways.
So many things I wish I could speak,
Thoughts I wish I could raise.

I won't rush you into being ready,
I care too much to do that to you.
You might know my answer already;
Waiting is okay for now, waiting for you.
Sometimes, the best things are worth waiting for
This is harder than I imagined,
Thought it would be easier this time.
Our time together wasn't that long,
I thought just friends would be fine.

Clear as day I now see the reality of it,
This is going to stay with me for now.
How could I not hold on to it?
You made it easy, I started to really fall.

I am left to try and catch myself,
The rug pulled from under my feet.
I feel the impact I didn't see coming,
I do my best not to skip a beat.

Trying my hardest to push it all down,
Doing what I can to keep up the smile.
Keep pretending I am okay with it all,
It will be okay after a while.
Keep Up the Smile
Sometimes you just have to deal with it and put on the happy face for every one else's sake. Hopefully, you too will start to believe it soon too.
Sunsets are proof of a simple fact,
that some endings can be beautiful.
Inky hues dance around the setting sun,
quietly fading away, constantly mutable.

After dusk the colors vanish,
the glamour of sunsets do not last.
It is easy to fear the subsequent night,
but times of darkness always pass.

New colors will blossom in the sky
more grand than one can imagine.
An ending may seem dark and empty, but
they give rise to beauty one cannot fathom.

Sunrises will inch above the horizon,
bringing flamboyant colors to the skies.
Brighter and clearer after the dark of night,
new hellos will replace old goodbyes.
Sunset to Sunrise
I was inspired to write this a few days ago as I was driving home from college while the sun was setting, thinking about how much my life has changed in the last year, even in the last 6 months. Beautiful sunsets give rise to the dark of night, but the beauty of a new sunrise always follows that darkness. Endings can be beautiful, and the new beginnings that follow them can be even more so. While the ending I think about wasn't beautiful at the time and the darkness that followed was a rough go for me, looking back it was beautiful in that it was time for it to end. The beginning I found, the sunrise that I stumbled upon, has been more fascinating and beautiful that I could have imagined. 
Well its been literally forever, I haven't been very active lately. But that's mostly because I've been more active in real life :) yay for that! lol I'm still really happy, and a majority of that is still because of Mitch. He is literally my favorite person ever, no contest. I have fallen down the steepest mountain side for this boy (aka this means I've fallen in love), and have so since May. Life is good, school is school, and I'm just happy to be where I am :) yay life :)


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The pursuit of science and good music is what gets me out of bed in the morning. And pizza, pizza gets me out of bed too. *This is the part where you chuckle at my humor*

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I hope things are much better by the time you read this. And good luck on your upcoming finals! :)
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